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So here are the options, Chemo first to reduce the tumor. The tumor is 4cm and because it’s quite big in proportion to my breast which is barely a 34b cup and I mean barely, I like to kid myself, then there is no point in going through Chemo first. If I went through it first and my breast was bigger, you may be able to save the breast but in my case my breast is so small reducing the tumor would make little difference to the outcome. I would have to have a mastectomy either way. So that settles it why disrupt my life for longer, mastectomy it is. However, if there is a complication with surgery then Chemo could be delayed.

Then we have the decision of whether I want reconstructive surgery, straight away or do I want to delay it. I ask what are the risks. Well first of all, we’re not talking about a reconstruction looking exactly like my left one, because the cancer is in my nipple and I am going to lose my nipple completely. So when he tells me that radiotherapy could adjust the physical appearance, I was thinking, it doesn’t sound that appealing in the first place but it seems better than none. It’s not like anyone is going to see it really, except me and I guess it will take time getting used to losing a part of your sexuality and so today I am feeling less than brave and I think all of you women and men out there who have had part of their sexuality removed, will understand.

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