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A Sixth Sense

A roller coaster is what I’m on and it’s going to stop with a thud on the 27 February, that’s the date of the OP. Firstly, I am a glutton for punishment, so I am going to live the high to the maximum because I know I’m going to land so hard, that pain and despair, will cushion the blow. I’m trying hard to be real here but I am aware that forces greater than me have been at work here.

I say that with an unusual sixth sense that appeared in December 2017. I received a wage increase and thought I’d put the money to use and start looking after me. I’d spent far too long looking after others, no more I say. So, I take out medical health insurance. Imagine that and because of that cover I’ve had all my tests and scans done super quick. You really can’t make this shit up, can you? Plus, I’ve just signed up to a private GP, who was on the phone to me within 5 minutes of me requesting a call. Unbelievable! So just to remind you all, this is the doctor I saw right at the beginning of this journey and this professional listened to what I had to say this afternoon and within an hour or so I had an e-mail. Now, that is pretty awesome! How many people in their life can feel so at ease with their GP after 1 consultation. Most of us see various GP’s in our lifetime and never look forward to the experience, plus they barely have time on their plate to devote to patients. Like, there life isn’t difficult enough, let’s make you feel worse about the wonderful profession you chose to undertake. Love our government. Rant over with.
Lone behold this happens, at a time in my life, I needed insurance the most. That’s not because I have no faith in the NHS but because the speed at which I have been dealt with, the fact the consultant handed control over to me, in respect of my treatment, after providing me with all the options and risks, the fact it’s all been stress free, has had an enormous impact on my emotional well-being. Involving me, my family and friends through this process, reassuring us that our questions were valid and relevant and giving me choices has been vital in this journey. I truly believe my consultant understands it is our journey and not his. How cool is that!
So when you have such wonderful support like this it is difficult to be negative and that is real. I told my GP I smile more than I cry so whilst that is happening I am going to enjoy every moment.

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